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Documenting the legacy of a true hero.

A documentary film by Alvaro Castellanos and Boris Castellanos

       José Arturo Castellanos, Consul General of El Salvador in Geneva during WWII, saved thousands of lives by issuing Salvadoran visas and nationality papers to victims of the nazis.  Join us - two of the grandchildren of Col. Castellanos - as we travel the world to uncover his amazing story and the heroic rescue that earned him a place as ‘Righteous Among the Nations’.  Through this site you can discover the story and follow our journey as we make the full-length documentary and keep the legacy of José Arturo Castellanos alive for generations to come! 

Watch: Premiere performance - June 14, 2017 at Wychwood Barns in Toronto

Watch: Interview with Alvaro Castellanos on Panamanian Television - July, 2017

Watch: 'The Rescue' preview screening with Alvaro & Boris Castellanos in MIAMI 


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