Prepared by Alvaro & Boris Castellanos

PART 1 of 2 - Introduction



WALK WITH HEROES is a program that encourages and empowers youth to stand up for others who may be victims of racism, bullying, homophobia or other forms of discrimination using live dynamic multimedia presentations by artists and young emerging speakers. Our aim is to inspire young people to take up action against discrimination at school or in the workplace through stories of real life heroes who stood up for others in the face of injustice. 

Walk With Heroes (WWH) seeks to galvanize and energize the efforts of proactive youth who want to be involved in the process of making our communities more accepting, tolerant, and diversity-embracing.  The program will educate and activate youth while creating new forums for emerging artists and their socially conscious work.

To reach the greatest number of students and youth and encourage maximum participation, all of the Walk With Heroes screenings and public talks will be free of charge to the general public. Walk With Heroes is therefore appealing to partners to support this initiative.



The first of the documentary short films in the Walk With Heroes series is currently in production. ‘The Salvadoran Rescue Mission’ is a film about the life of Colonel José Arturo Castellanos, a humanitarian who carried out one of the most successful rescues missions of WWII.  Known to many as the ‘Latin American Oskar Schindler’, Castellanos used his authority as Consul General of El Salvador in Hamburg and Geneva to save the lives of thousands of victims of the Nazis through the issue of Salvadoran Nationality papers.

Watch the three minute preview for this short film currently in production and learn more about Col. José Arturo Castellanos and his WWII Rescue Mission..

Walk With Heroes will also feature and produce a short film about Canadian hero Ryan Hreljac who has dedicated his life since childhood to providing clean water wells for people in Africa. 

By partnering up with the Walk With Heroes Program, you are furthering a movement aimed at inspiring young people into action for positive social change in our communities. Walk With Heroes will meet this aim by presenting multimedia artists and young emerging speakers to youth in colleges and universities throughout The US and Canada.  For our 2016 campaign, filmmakers Alvaro & Boris Castellanos will connect directly with young audiences and put into context the story of their grandfather and his heroic rescue of thousands of lives from the Nazis. The brothers will address and shed light on the contemporary lessons inherent in the story using their own struggle with extreme bullying as newcomers to Canada in the late1980’s. 

Through our multimedia presentations (film dance and oratory) inspired by the life of Heroes (like Ryan Hreljac.......... WHO?>>>>>>>>>>>   to be presented directly to youth (starting with our Tour of 35 Canadian post-secondary schools and later in at-risk neighbourhoods), we can make a tangible impact on the lives of young people and stimulate the positive change that youth are capable of making in the world today.  Please visit - the site that is now actively building an audience for our Walk with Heroes 2015 initiative.




Through the use of multimedia performances, talks, social media strategies, blogs and video content, Walk With Heroes will captivate the imagination of young audiences and involve them in the discussion. Avenues for engaging and captivating young audiences include:

  • A Cross-USA speaking tour of Canadian colleges & universities in 2016-17 complete with a photo exhibit and live presentations by young ...................((((((( anti-bullying )))))) activists.

  • A series of short films based on the stories of true-life heroes and young leaders both past and present
  • An online blog, photo gallery, Facebook group and public forum for each of the works that WWH presents. Please visit - the site that is now actively building an audience for the Walk with Heroes 2016 initiative.
  • A sponsor-branded, dynamic mini documentary film of the 2016-17  Tour of schools and Universities in the US and Canada.
  • An interactive website: - currently under construction, which will include a means for this vibrant youth community to feedback and interact with each other.


***NOTE:  Please request PART 2 of this sponsorship proposal to see the various partnership opportunities available through this excitingprogram.  

















Walk With Heroes is currently seeking financial support from corporate partners whose marketing, and corporate social responsibility goals are in line with the objectives of our organization. Please request PART 2 of this sponsorship proposal to see the sponsorship benefits, social media and corporate social responsibility capital plus great marketing opportunities available to you through this program.  PART 2 also details the cost of sponsorship at the various levels of involvement offered.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to present in detail the great opportunities that this campaign has to offer in way of marketing and positive social capital for your brand. [Listed in detail in PART 2 of this proposal and available upon request]




The Walk With Heroes program places your company strategically in the heart of a community of young people, artists, college and university students who are dedicated to positive change and to fighting discrimination and bullying in their communities. Our 2015 Campaign is comprised of multimedia performances in 35 universities and colleges across Canada.

In today’s economy, young consumers buy and identify with brands whose products, practices and policies they believe in and trust.  They remain loyal to companies that do their part to make their communities and the planet a better place. By partnering with



The inaugural 2015 Walk With Heroes series addressing youth in the Greater Toronto area will be held at the University of Toronto in partnership with U of T’s Students Association of St. George Campus, Hillel organization for Jewish student life, and OLAS of U of T, York University & Ryerson University (The Organization of Latin American Students). This pilot event and all others in the 2015 Tour will feature a multimedia performance entitled "Courage in the Face of Injustice”, consisting of a photo exhibit, dance performance and a screening of the 20-minute short film ‘The Salvadoran Rescue Mission’. Hosting the event will be the very talented singer and Jazz FM radio host Amanda Martinez and the screening will be held at the University of Toronto.  
This event will serve as a pilot for the 2015 cross-Canada tour of colleges and universities for which Walk With Heroes (WWH) is currently seeking partners who are interested in marketing their brands and to meet CSR objectives through our Program. 
We are starting the first phase of our cross-Canada multimedia lectures in January 2015 in with a video & live dance presentation and a talk entitled ‘Courage in the Face of Injustice - Leadership through Integrity’. Each event will feature an interpretive dance performance by Chimera Project that will add dynamic impact to our interactive lectures. The latest 20-minute short film produced by Walk With Heroes entitled ‘The Salvadoran Rescue Mission will also be shown.
Our site - is already actively building an audience for our Walk With Heroes 2015 initiative. The site lists current supporters, tracks the progress of the completion of the first film in this Series, shows a three-minute preview video of the film and allows young audiences to interact and become involved by sharing the project with their peers through social media.




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