THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto

Documenting the legacy of a true hero.

A documentary film by Alvaro Castellanos and Boris Castellanos

THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto is a multi-media experience combining documentary film with a live musical performance of its soundtrack - to recount for audiences of all ages - the never-told story of Righteous Among the Nations Colonel José Arturo Castellanos, who worked with his Jewish friend to save thousands of Jewish lives during the holocaust.  This ground-breaking concept was developed by filmmakers Alvaro and Boris Castellanos -  grandsons of José Arturo Castellanos - as an emotionally engaging and uplifting way to tell the story of their grandfather and as an effective medium for holocaust education and remembrance.

VIDEO: Premiere performance - June 14, 2017 at Wychwood Barns in Toronto

Gallery: THE RESCUE - World-wide presentations and talks by the Castellanos Bros.


THE RESCUE has already been presented in Canada, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and in Germany (at the former seat of the Nazi Reich Bank and at Topographie des Terrors Museum - the former headquarters of the SS and Gestapo in Berlin).  The live musical performance is directed by Boris and Alvaro Castellanos  (on piano and bass respectively) with a Latin chamber music and Latin Jazz sextet, in collaboration with local musicians from each city they visit. 

VIDEO: Israel unveils memorial honouring José Arturo Castellanos and 35 other "Righteous Diplomats" (English)

VIDEO: Israel honra a José Castellanos y a los 35 otros "Diplomáticos Justos" en jerusalén.  (Español)

VIDEO: Univision news report about THE RESCUE using footage from the film w/ Alvaro & Boris Castellanos (Spanish)


VIDEO: Interview with Alvaro Castellanos on Panamanian Television - July, 2017

VIDEO: 'The Rescue' preview screening with Alvaro & Boris Castellanos in MIAMI

Besides being able to emotionally connect diverse audiences to this story of  good will and holocaust rescue, the Film-Concerto has had the effect of bringing together communities and artists in each city through the power of music and film, to honour the memory of José Arturo Castellanos and to educate about the importance of the Righteous Among the Nations. 

Alvaro and Boris Castellanos speak to students wherever they present The Rescue to discuss the Holocaust as well as other contemporary themes of the film - like the importance of standing up against prejudice, anti-semitism, injustice, the power of one, anti-bullying and how to get actively involved to make one's voice heard to help others. 

For more information on how to book a concert-screening of  THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto in your city, please contact us.


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