Boris Castellanos: Artist CV


June 14 2017: THE RESCUE - A LIVE FILM-CONCERTO, Canadian premiere screening in Toronto with live musical performance by Boris and Alvaro Castellanos
June 15, 2017: The Residence of the German Ambassador, Ottawa Canada
June 22. 2017: EL RESCATE - San José Costa Rica
August, 2017: EL RESCATE - Buenos Aires Argentina
Jan 2017: UNIVERSAL LOSS - Photographic & film works by Boris and Alvaro Castellanos GALLERY 101, Ottawa Canada
May 2016: DIE RETTUNG premiere screening, German Foreign Office, Berlin Germany
April 13-16, 2015 SAN JOSE COSTA RICA – ‘Cineastas Latinos’ Lecture Series and workshops by Alvaro Castellanos and Boris Castellanos – Jaime Weizman Instituto de Bellas Artes, San José.
April 27, 2014 JERUSALEM, Israel, The Jerusalem House of Quality Gallery, Israel.
Nov 2013,  SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador Film screening and artist talk 'Justo entre Naciones' (Alvaro & Boris Castellanos, directors), Organización Panamericana de la Salud, 


Boris Castellanos began his artistic career as a musician and composer. With over 20 years of experience in the field of music production and sound design, his musical education started from childhood, receiving training in piano and orchestration from the Royal Academy of Music.

 In 2009, thanks to advances in digital camera technology and with the advent of the Canon 5D MkII, Boris began learning digital photography and eventually gravitated to digital film.  He began by experimenting with time-lapse photography, which provided a gateway to the world of film and video capture; a tool that continues to be an important part of his visual repertoire today.

 Having worked with professional music production programs such as ProTools and Logic Audio since the late 90’s, Boris drew from this experience with production software to learn non-linear editing platforms like Final Cut Pro, Photo Shop, Adobe Premiere, After-Effects and their digital workflows. This impressive skill set means that Boris has been able to complete artistic and commercial video projects from principal photography, all the way through to post production, editing, scoring and completion - without the help of a large crew.

Boris is a production member of LIFT (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto) where he has participated in extensive courses on lighting, cinematography, editing, plus documentary film writing and production.

In May 2016, Castellanos released his film THE RESCUE in Berlin, Germany at the German Foreign office on the former site of the Nazi Reich Bank. The Rescue was directed by himself and his brother Boris Castellanos – 30-minute documentary film about the Rescue of thousands of Jewish lives throughout Nazi occupied Europe, authored by their grandfather Colonel Castellanos. The film explores the life of Colonel Castellanos who saved lives by issuing Salvadoran Nationality documents to more than 13,000 families working as a diplomat in Hamburg and Geneva during the Holocaust.

 In summer, 2013 Boris co-directed Jesus of Wemindji - an independent experimental film produced in Quebec’s remote Cree Nation of Wemindji, James Bay. Boris and his brother Alvaro Castellanos teamed up with Cree youth actors to produce the film. The project was Inspired by a dream by William Natawapineskum, a teenage member of the Wemindji Cree nation who uses art and video as a way to engage his autistic younger brother and insulate him from bullying at his school.



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