THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto

Live Concert-Screenings

by filmmakers Alvaro Boris Castellanos

 THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto is the groundbreaking documentary film by Alvaro and Boris Castellanos which tells the story of José Arturo Castellanos, one of the few Latin American Righteous Among the Nations and the only Righteous from Central America. More than just a documentary, the Castellanos Brothers have created an emotionally engaging and personal work to tell the story of their grandfather and the survivors he helped, combining the projection of the film with a simultaneous live concert performance of its musical soundtrack by a six-piece latin chamber orchestra led by Boris and Alvaro on piano and bass.

Video: THE RESCUE - A Live Film Concerto: Live in New York City - March 2019

THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto has proven to be a powerful and moving vehicle for holocaust education and remembrance all over the world…

  • Calgary - Calgary Jewish Federation, 2019

  • New York City - US Premiere Presentation - Museum of Jewish Heritage with support from the Battery Park City Authority, 2019

  • Toronto - UJA Major Donors Event, 2019

  • Montreal - Presented by The Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, 2019

  • Winnipeg - Canadian Museum for Human Rights, 2018

  • Toronto - ORT Toronto Fundraising Event, 2018

  • Toronto - Christian Jewish Dialogue, 2018

  • Beijing - Chabad of Beijing, 2018

  • Hamburg - Emmigration Museum, 2017

  • Berlin - Topography of Terrors Museum, 2017

  • Buenos Aires - Centro Cultural de Memoria Haroldo Conti, 2017

  • Santiago de Chile - Museo Interactivo de Chile, 2017

  • San José, Costa Rica - Veritas University, 2017

  • Panama City - University of Panama, 2017

  • Ottawa - German Embassador’s Residence, 2017

  • Toronto - Canadian Premiere Event, 2017

  • Berlin - Neu Synagogue 2016 (Centrum Judaicum - Synagogue which survived Krystallnacht),

  • Berlin - German Foreign Office, 2016

  • Miami - USA WIZO Awards, 2016 (Castellanos Bros. honoured for their work to keep the memory of José Arturo Castellanos Alive)

    Because it is a story of collaboration between a Latin-American Catholic with a European Jew, THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto has the power to bring people from the Latino and Jewish communities together, fostering a spirit friendship and good will.

Dear Boris and Alvaro,
Thank you so much for joining us and being an integral part of our WIZO 2016 Gala Dinner at the Diplomat Hotel. Your speech was incredibly moving and touched the hearts and souls of every one in attendance. You conveyed your grandfather’s story beautifully and your presentation was flawless. Including the pictures and video makes a huge impact as everyone can see just how much you are able to accomplish with your positive outlook, sheer determination and motivation.
— Jana Falic - Co-President, WIZO USA

Alvaro & Boris Castellanos at WIZO Florida's annual Gala - 2016